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Millesime 2011 et 2013

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Millesime 2011: Note Parker 92

"Showing good concentration for the year, this is fresh and fine now, with some tension on the finish and a gorgeous medley of flavors. Of Flam's offerings this issue, this is the only one that really displays much complexity. It is worth anointing it as the winner of the group just for that, but make no mistake: it tastes great, too. Beautifully balanced and just a bit understated, this has rounded into form beautifully. It can still improve with some cellaring, but it is very approachable, too." Wine Advocate.

Millesime 2013 : Note Parker 90, assemblage de 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 9% Syrah et 6% Petit Verdot, vieili 18 mois en fûts de chêne.

"Well on its way to becoming one of Israel's standard-bearers, this upper-level label is typically held back for late release (an extra 24 months in bottle). It is sourced from various parts of the Upper Galilee and Judean Hills. Since the first one I saw, this bottling has acquired better balance and more finesse—in other words, it is more consistent with Flam's overall style. Add a 2013 vintage that was often a bit on the understated side and you get a sensually textured, focused and graceful red. Once the initial hit of oak moderates, this seems very sophisticated and refined, all about finesse. There's nothing that will immediately grab your attention but also nothing that has a hair out of place. When the history of Flam is written in the future, I doubt anyone will nominate this for the best-ever Noble, but when the bottle empties fast at the table, you'll suddenly realize how much you liked it. It is drinking pretty well now, but it will improve over the next couple of years. It will be interesting to see if it can acquire some distinction to go with its elegance." Wine Advocate.

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Entre 16 et 18° C

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TypeVin Rouge
CacherouteBeth Din de Paris - Badatz NJ - OK - Badatz Beth Yossef
CertificationCacher lePessa'h
Contenance75 cl
Vendu par1 Bouteille
ConservationA boire et à garder
Garde5 à 7 ans

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